a series of vignettes from a little garden in the hills

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i was very lucky to grow up in a very special place with a wonderful family. 
there was a lot of privilege and lessons that i found in that place and i wanted to remember it. 

everything you read here is a true story,
names of people have been changed
(except the pets.)

cws for: pet death, grief, dementia, bushfire, chronic illness, extreme nostalgia

big thanks to daniel talskys css template, my partner for putting up with my frustrating questions, my parents for giving me a magical upbringing

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So much of these stories resonated with my own childhood <3
We moved a lot though, never had our own garden. Even the fire scares in Canberra, and glandular fever when i was younger, and now living with chronic illness. I feel very connected to you and your family thank you so much for sharing. I really loved this format too, little discoveries of details, maybe its easier for my dyslexcia to read as well, but  i really loved it! Thank you (both!) for the work

I'm so glad, that means so much to me!! Sounds like we've lived very similar lives in a way :) and I'm so glad it was a little more accessible!



omg I'm crying! reading this was such a beautiful experience! ;_; sadly I did not have a garden I could grow up in as a child, but we had a huge (!) playground in the middle of a lot of buildings with a lot of children to play with everyday. :) Moving away at 10 years old really felt like leaving my childhood go. I can't imagine how hard it had to be to leave a place with so much more memories attached to it. Thank you so much for sharing this. <3

i'm so glad you enjoyed it! we all have those little nooks and crannys that kept us safe and let us grow and play <3